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The American Totalisator Company, formally known today as AmTote International (often referred to as AmTote), specializes in totalisator equipment used to control parimutuel betting at horse racing, greyhound racing, and jai-alai facilities.


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Lead Field Operator (Former Employee) says

"As a field technician, we had nothing to do with the corporate office. We were nothing but a number and felt nothing but negativity. The schedule was every single weekend and the only holidays off were Christmas Eve and Christmas day, only because the track went on two week sabbatical every year. Techs were not paid during that two week period, we were advised we needed to use our vacation time. Furthermore, we were discouraged from taking vacation time starting mid spring through October."

Remote Systems Operator (Former Employee) says

"For the record, I am not taking any jabs at the company. I was with my previous employer for quite a while. when the new company came in, it just wast not what I was expecting. The customer expects certain things as soon as possible and with this company, we would have to rely on their home base to do the same thing that I have done with the previous company."

Assistant Operator Technician (Former Employee) says

"Although some days were repetitive of others, a typical day was no such thing. This was a highly stressful work place being that monetary transactions are in Real Time.And, even though this was a rather small office (NOC) environment, comraderie among fellow employees was a must.In order to stay efficient, constant Web server, and Back-end server monitoring was necessary. Each member of the office team played a vital role in delivering the best in customer service."

Line/ Terminal Technician (Former Employee) says

"The job was fine but not rewarding. Very repetitive. Not well organized. Not great compensation. Used outdated machines and systems."

Human Resources Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Not really eligible for Career Advancement. I was told I have topped out in my position. Ever since Steve Keech left the company is not the same. If you have problems or issues you cannot go to the HR Department or Upper Management because they will do nothing for you. The HR Department will definitely discriminate against you. They are not equal with there employee's. One employee will get treated way better then another employee or vise versa. They favor their employee's depending on who your manager is."

SLOT TECHNICIAN (Former Employee) says

"I truly enjoyed my time with the Amtote company. It is a very unique workplace setting to be at a Horse Track and the views from Golden Gate Fields are beautiful and breath taking. The daily job of a Amtote slot technician is usually easy going but in terms of what you may come across, Some days everything runs smooth and you may only need to troubleshoot a handful of issues. Sometimes not only do the machines have issues but there may be issues with the data causing major issues on multiple levels. At times you may feel on the spot and stressed but those moments are few and far between. All in all Amtote is a great place for anyone young to learn traits in the electrical union and Betting machine field. The pay is good and if youre willing to travel its well worth it,"

Central Race Day Control Operator (Former Employee) says

"Amtote is interesting in the sense that they're the first and mostly only company that provides the service that they do. They are working on diversifying the company which I would strongly recommend. Instances of nepotism noticed. Overall decent company."

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"No opportunity for advancement. Industry is hurting and company is changing directions. All union workers. Hardest part is staying focused with no growth potential.sports related fieldcompany is changing business model and many employees are being forgotten in the process"

line technician (Former Employee) says

"Setup machines before opening to public, make sure all operational, and wait for unexpected problems-Not all that much to learn, except for the newer machines after 20 years of doing this kind of work."

TIM technician (Current Employee) says

"Decent opportunity for advancement. Good job for a young person looking for an entry level position in a technology based field. Pay is not great. They do provide healthcare.They offer four ten hour shifts, allowing a full-time employee to enjoy three days off per week.Pay and dealing with unruly customers."

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